Crawl …

Crawl, walk, run.

It’s a common enough mantra and metaphor for learning something new, making a substantial change, and for building a new business .

What may not be visible from the outside is that there is no difference in the amount of effort and care put into each of those stages .

Over the past week we’ve focused hard on what we need to do to get to launch, particularly on what is on the critical path. Hence this week that has involved nailing down what we want to have in our launch portfolio and making a strong start in building it.

We intend to launch with a small number of Alexa / Google Skills and a chatbot. These need to be sophisticated enough to showcase our technical and creative skills as well addressing use cases that our target markets can relate to.

Our first product will be DeliveryDoo – initially an Alexa Skill – that can arrange delivery of a package from A to B. A typical use case would be a student sending books home at the end of the year. We’ve even managed to acquire the relevant DeliveryDoo domain names and social media accounts! The product will be developed on lean/agile lines with functionality built incrementally over the coming weeks. Our goal is for DeliveryDoo to be live by the end of September 2019.

That’s it for this week’s blog post. We hope you will check back next week and listen to the podcast.

Hello World !

Hi. We’re excited to be launching this blog in our pre-startup phase. It might seem a little unusual to start blogging before we’ve even officialy crossed the starting line but we want to provide as much of an inside view of starting a new venture as we can – and that includes this pre-startup phase.

Getting to this point has taken about 6 weeks and we reckon we have another 6 to go, giving a 3 months pre-startup phase in total.

While we are big fans of lean startup, there’s a difference between speed and haste. 3 months gives us just enough time to ideate, reflect, critique, and make initial decisions on some really fundamental aspects of our venture: our name, value proposition, product and service portfolio, go to market strategy, technology stack and partner ecosystem to name a few. It also gives us time to learn and experiment, and to develop some credible products to support our launch.

So we hope you will enjoy following our venture and adventure. Feel free to reach out and offer us your advice and guidance – we will learn a lot faster if we learn from those who have gone before us!

Please check back regularly and we hope to see you again soon.