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Cognito Assist

the voice first digital assistant for students of all ages

Students invest significant time, money and emotional energy in their academic studies, in the hope of a brighter future, and educators likewise invest heavily in the resources, tools and services that their students need to fulfil their potential. Yet organisation structures, processes and systems still present many barriers to achieving this shared goal.

Cognito Assist is a voice first personal digital assistant that helps potential and enrolled students achieve their learning objectives by providing them with the resources they need to identify, engage with and succeed in their studies. As quite literally the voice of your organisation, it will become the adviser and guide of choice for students as they transition to being lifelong learners. Cognito Assist has two main components:

Cognito Admissions allows potential students to explore courses on offer, enquire, apply and track their progress through to the commencement of their studies. It optionally allows potential students to create an account, providing Universities and Colleges with an additional and in some cases important communication channel. The solution can be integrated with your backend CRM, Student Record and Admissions systems to provide a seamless experience for colleagues and potential students.

Cognito Study helps students stay on track, keeps them motivated, and helps them get the most from learning materials and the organisation's support services by:

  • Making it easy to discover and access the resources they need to identify, engage with and succeed in their course and social life
  • Anticipating students explicit and latent needs/desires, thereby effecting a “shift left" in the provision of support services
  • Encouraging behaviours consistent with better performance through "nudging“ and performance trackers
  • Eliminating the need for search, browse or navigate through menus and screens to access study and support resources, thereby reducing friction and speeding time to value

For organisations, Cognito is:

  • Secure
  • Easy to trial, to buy into, to onboard and to administer and monitor
  • Cost effective 
  • Administratively smart, reducing cost to serve by freeing up staff time

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