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Personal Learning Assistant

Our main product development focus for 2020 is the education sector. We have deep experience working in and with many UK Universities, leading and consulting on transformation programmes for the past 10 years. Please see the Cognito page for more detail on our flagship product.

Quiz Club (Alexa Skill)

Quiz Club is a platform for creating, hosting and playing quizzes. It is suitable for individuals, groups and organisations.

Four different types of quizzes are available, with options around topics, multiple skill levels, saving name and last score, and accompanying facts.

A content management system allows quiz administrators to set quizzes and manage configurations. A 4-digit PIN code can be used to restrict access to quizzes.

As well as being a Skill in its own right, Quiz Club is an optional component in our EdTech solution.

A demonstration of Quiz Cub is available in the Alexa Store. Simply say “Alexa, open Quiz Club” to find out more and play a demonstration quiz.

Voice Content Management System (CMS)

We’ve developed a headless CMS as a central repository for all voice-first applications, whether they be Amazon, Google or Samsung skills, or chatbots.

The management of voice content presents challenges not usually found in a traditional CMS. Other voice CMS’s will simply scrape and store web pages so that they can be read back. However this is problematic in that what we read and what we say are usually different. A great example of this is watching someone reading verbatim from a PowerPoint slide, compared with someone talking about what is on the slide. In essence, we don’t write as we speak.

In addtion to what is said, how it is said it vital to the meaning and the impact of the content, and to the brand values that the origansation wishes to impart. To facilitate this the CMS supports the creation and management of personas through the use of SSML and audio files.

Other features of the CMS include content approval and publishing workflow, roles and access rights that allow granular management of content from domain down to item level, audience identification, related content linking, image and audio file support for multimodal applications, and rules-based content refresh from other content sources with the ability to check and notify if source content has changed.

B S Generator (Alexa Skill)

Strictly for fun! This is a very simple Alexa Skill that generates a random four-word piece of gobbledygook that you can incorporate into your next corporate presentation or performance appraisal to impress your audience.

From your Alexa app or Echo device say “Alexa, open B S Generator” and take your career to a new level!