Call Us +44 (0)113 3282303 is an epic, pervasive Alexa-based adventure game to save the planet from climate catastrophe.

The game is educational, aimed primarily at young people who, for a variety of reasons, are excluded from the education system. It has two goals:

  • To help players develop their STEM and social skills, and
  • To promote understanding and action in respect of the real climate catastrophe that our planet is facing

The concept for the game was initially developed for the Amazon Alexa EdTech Skills Challenge EMEA 2020 , and has been selected as one of the six finalists. The Challenge finals take place in the latter part of July 2020.

We have assembled a team of climate change academics, teachers, schools and activists to inform and help develop the initial version of the game.

Our intention is to develop further post-Challenge, and make it available under licence to schools and other organisations who work with excluded young people.

If you are interested in contributing to or investing in please click on the image above to go to the game’s dedicated web site.