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Our Approach

Giving Voice To Your Organisation

Put succinctly, changing how you interact with the world is not a decision that should be taken without careful consideration. From persona to tone of voice to digital assets, your organisation has invested in and carefully crafted its brand to meet the needs of potential and current students, colleagues and other stakeholders.

Whether you are developing a corporate voice strategy or adding voice to a niche product or service, our approach starts with how your organisation wants to present itself to the world. The use of voice should also be embedded in your digital strategy so that it doesn’t end up as a siloed, poorly integrated and underused channel.

We’ve designed Cognito Assist for rapid implementation so that you can start to see the return on your investment quickly, and more importantly get the fast feedback that will shape how your use of voice develops over time. Our approach to helping you give voice to your organisation is lightweight, agile, flexible, inclusive and rooted in many years of experience in the education sector.

Most engagements start with creating a shared understanding of the place of voice in the organisation. We then facilitate assessing the opportunities for voice in more detail. Once we have agreed priorities, our Lean/Agile product development method ensures rapid time to value. We also you support with training, transition, operational support and ongoing development and support. These product-related services can be complemented with consulting services in digital transformation and strategy development, and training in Lean/Agile techniques. The initial engagement workshops are outlined below.

Voice User Experience (VUX) for Executives

This half-day workshop gives your executives and managers the knowledge, insights and framework to decide if it is the right time to start investing in voice. The workshop typically includes the following topics, and can be adapted if you have a particular area that you wish to focus on:

  • The state of voice technology and the global voice market
  • Education sector case studies
  • Voice as a component of digital strategy
  • Voice for marketing, admissions, study support and alumni
  • Security, privacy and compliance
  • Framework for implementing voice user interfaces

Discovery Workshop

This 2-3 day workshop is designed to provide your voice strategy with solid foundations. Working with a range of stakeholders in a series of interactive workshops, we will ensure that you select the highest value opportunities, create a strong business case, and have a high-level costed plan to implement them.

  • Cognito capabilities overview
  • The impact of voice on brand
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Security, privacy and compliance
  • Use case exploration
  • User journey mapping
  • Systems integration mapping
  • Requirements scoping
  • Cognito customisation overview / backlog

For an informal discussion about how we can help you give voice to your organisation please contact us